Gallows of My Desire

I’m exceedingly pleased with how this new track turned out. Here’s a shout out to the band, who nailed this. Enjoy.

Tony Divito – Drums
Andre Gignac – Upright Bass
Geoff Smith – Slinky Electric Guitar
Livia MacQueen – Smoking BGVs

Tonight we ate together
Bread and wine cooked rare
You looked so disappointed
When I took off down the stairs

We took the road together
But I just exited right
I’ll see you in a little while
And again on the other side

I stand above You, like a conquerer
You stood beside me like a friend
I kissed you goodbye at the gates of hell
But you’ve always called my bluff,
yeah you know my every tell

Tonight I’m taking matters
Into my guilty hands
I just sold the Prince of Peace out
For a little stretch of land

There’s nothing like the yoke
Of the innocent when they die
It came upon me like a stone
When I saw the deed was mine

Now I’m swinging in the gallows
Of my own desire
My spirit is departing
To God knows where

Is there a grace sufficient
To receive this broken soul?
You bled out for the whole wide world
How ’bout your very own?

I stood above you like a conquerer
You stand beside me like a friend
I kissed you goodbye at the gates of hell
But I always knew I’d bow to you in the end

My offering for this years “Good Morning. Happy Easter. 3” EP. Download for free here.…-happy-easter-3

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